WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights.

Buy the WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights so your Ready To Weight Train with Weights Included and Free Delivery on Everything.

Looking for a good priced multigym that comes with everything included so you don't have to pay any extra's well the WeightMaster Bench Gym is supplied with 100kg of free weights so you have everything you need to start training and you get free delivery on the bench gym and on the weights so you don't have to worry about paying for the cost of shipping heavy weights.
WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights, Ready To Weight Train, Weights Included

Ready To Weight Train, Weights Included

This bench gym is a mini multigym based around a weight bench, it takes up hardly any room in your home yet offers lots of different fitness machines all built into the one bench gym, fitness machines like a lateral pull down bar for front lateral pulldowns and rear lateral pulldowns with a comfortable bench press seat to sit on that can be angled in many positions from upright to flat like a bed, there's butterfly bars too with a strong yet comfortable padded backrest to lean right up against.

The bench press has locking nuts on the weight stands, this will prevent weights from being knocked and falling to the floor damaging equipment or your floor not to mention any tiny toes that might have caused the weight to fall, this weight bench really is child friendly.

With a 7 position backrest that can angle from 90 degrees bolt upright to completely flat stretched out like a bed it's tempting to have a quick sleep between reps!

If your into bicep and preacher curls your welcome the addition of a armrest and pullbar, these fit into a special slot located on the frame just ion front of the seat, push the pullbar and armrest into the slot for some serious arm work and pull the armrest and pullbar out of the attachment slot when you don't want the attachment on the bench anymore.

You get a leg station too with leg extension bars which are of course padded for your comfort and safety.
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