WeightMaster Bench Gym, Flat Pack.

Buy the WeightMaster Bench Gym it's Flat Pack, with One Hour Assembly and includes Lat Pulldown Bar, Chest Press, Leg Curls, Bicep Curls.

If you're looking for a bench gym that's got free delivery then buy the WeightMaster Bench Gym, your bench gym will be delivered free of charge and the bench gym is supplied flat packed, assembly only takes one hour and the assembly instructions are really good, written in proper English (not Chinese translations) and there are photographs to show you every step of the way what you should be doing.
WeightMaster Bench Gym, Flat Pack, One Hour Assembly

One Hour Assembly.

The WeightMaster Bench Gym is a mini multigym with everything you need in the home for a full workout, you can cancel your gym membership and save yourself some money, the WeightMaster Bench Gym has ha lateral pulldown bat which can be used for forward and reverse lateral pulldowns and of course the bench seat is directly below the pulldown bars for a comfortable sitting position, there's butterfly bars too with a long and comfortable backrest to push up hard against for when you're using the butterfly bars.

The bench press has locking nuts on the weight stands so if you want to leave your weights on the stand you don't have to worry about the weights falling off or being knocked, this is particularly important when the bench press is being used at home where children might be tempted to play with the weights injuring themselves, with a lock nut the weights will remain firm and your children safe.

The backrest is fully movable from 90 degree upright to a full flat bed so a full range of exercises as well as machine exercises can be performed with the seat in a flat bed position.

Included with the WeightMaster Bench Gym is a armrest with pullbar that just slots into the fixture in front of the seat, you can easily pull the armrest out or push the armrest in when you want to use it, use the armrest and pullbar for bicep curls and preacher curls.
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