Tahiti Twilight Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Twilight Massage Table the Easy Folding, Budget Massage Table with Face Cradle Included.

If your studying massage as a student then your going to need a massage table that's not expensive and your going to need one that's portable too, yet because your learning massage on the table you want it to be fully equipped just like a salon massage table with face cradles and face holes and side pads.
Tahiti Twilight Massage Table, Easy Folding, Budget Massage Table

Easy Folding, Budget Massage Table

Well that's exactly what you get with the Tahiti Twilight Massage Table, this table folds up into its own carry case which also has a handle on the top and is one of the most elegant ways to carry a massage table, its lightweight and the beautiful PU leather case which the massage table folds into won't look out of place in anyone's home.

Of course lovers of massage can also buy this massage table for use at home when a mobile massage therapist or partner is available to offer massage.

The massage table is fully adjustable by a thumbwheel on the massage table legs, for people who don't want or don't need a face cradle there's also a face hole built into the massage table, the face hole as a face bung which you can insert into this hole when the face hole is not being used.

This is a black massage table and so does not age like the white or cream massage tables that soon become a yellow massage table.

This is a quality massage table with inches thick memory foam for extreme comfort and a luxurious PU leather coating, as a student your want your massage table to look like it costed twice as much as it actually did.

As well as a removable face cradle which has its own storage area inside the folded table so its very hard to leave the accessories behind by mistake as the empty space in the storage area will show at a glance that you have forgotten something.
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