Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table with Adjustable Backrest Massage Table and Beauty Therapist Table.

If your looking for a massage table that also doubles up as a beauty therapist table then the Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table is what your looking for, regular massage table don't have a adjustable backrest, they are flat all the time, so that's no good for beauty treatments and facials, the Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table has an adjustable backrest and is an excellent choice as a combined massage table and beauty therapist table.
Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table, Adjustable Backrest Massage Table

Adjustable Backrest Massage Table

This is a folding massage table the Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table folds right up into its own carry case, in fact the carry case is made up of the two folded halves of the massage table, its lightweight and easy to carry in its carry case folded state.

Whilst its lightweight it's also incredibly strong the beautiful beech wood natural frame gives the massage table tremendous strength and someone weighing 38 stone in weight can use this table, this makes the Tahiti Quartz Black Massage Table ideal for larger clients who will feel safe as well as very comfortable.

Another unique feature of this folding massage table is the clever hand rail where massage clients lying face down can use the handrail to hold there hands and arms out of the way and in a very comfortable position.

There's removable side pads which you can use if you like, they make an already large massage table just tat little bit larger and are ideal for clients to rest their arms on.

Covered in black PU leather with thick and very comfortable PU leather foam on all surfaces.

The face cradle, arm rest and side rests are all removable and easily stored in the folding massage table, so if you're travelling with your massage table you won't lose any parts as the act of folding the massage table and seeing the empty places for the accessories will remind you.
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