Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool.

Buy the Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool a Massage Stool, you can sit on it Yourself or for Clients or use it as a Beauty Salon Stool.

This luxury PU leather stool uses cream coloured PU leather and looks very luxurious and expensive but is actually bargain priced, so cheap in fact that you can afford to buy two, one for your client and one for you to sit on.
Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool, Massage Stool, Sit on it Yourself or for Clients

Massage Stool, Sit on it Yourself or for Clients

Use these stools as massage stools when you want to give the client a quick neck or shoulder massage, have them sit on the stool and their neck and shoulders will be at a good height for massage, use these stools as beauty salon stools, putting the salon clients legs up on the stool for a pedicure, leg or foot massage, if you're giving a leg or foot massage or pedicure then buy two stools and sit on one yourself your be at the perfect height and won't strain your own neck, shoulders and arms.

These are folding massage and beauty salon stools and so can be folded away and stacked when not in use, the beautiful light oak wooden frame looks luxurious against the PU leather which is wipe clean, just use a damp cloth to remove oils and creams from the PU leather.

Theses massage stools are delivered for free so there's no more to pay so why not get a couple, if you work in a fast moving massage spa you can sit several massage clients down on these stools and do several clients neck and shoulders either at once or with several people performing massages in the same room, the stools are thickly padded with memory foam and extremely comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time yet take up so little space so they are just the thing for a buy salon.
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