Tahiti Amber Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Amber Massage Table the Luxury Massage Table, Folding Massage Table for Home Use or Professional.

Looking for a luxury massage table in PU leather with beautiful beech wood frame that folds away into its own carry case for easy transport and is for sale at a bargain price then your be interested in the Tahiti Amber Massage Table.
Tahiti Amber Massage Table, Luxury Massage Table

Luxury Massage Table

Available in a beautiful two tone cream PU leather and deep plum colour you can buy this massage table for the home or for the travelling massage professional or for use in a massage therapist studio.

Every inch of the massage table is covered with memory foam for a luxurious and comfortable feel, the extra padding on the removable face cradle means that massage clients will comfortable even for extended periods of massage.

This is a folding massage table and uniquely folds up into its own carrying case, the carry case which is formed by closing the two halves of the massage table in on themselves is lightweight and easy to carry, there's a carry handle at the top of the case.

As well as a detachable face cradle and detachable armrests there is also a face hole in the main body of the massage table, this is supplied with a PU leather bung, so you can close off this face hole of you don't want to use it.

With a maximum massage user weight of 38 stone anyone can use this folding massage table and feel safe that the table is strong and well supported.

The backrest of the massage table tilts to various angles from flat to straight upright this makes the Tahiti Amber Massage Table an ideal table for beauty treatments also, your find most other massage tables are of limited use as beauty tables as their backrests won't adjust, with the Tahiti Amber Massage Table you have more options.
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