Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Buy the Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer, the Highest Specification Reebok with Automatic Control, Dual Elliptical.

Reebok manufacture a range of elliptical cross trainers all of which are beautifully designed, have great features and are for sale at a realistic price, top of the range is the very well specified Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer which has a smart black gloss finish which looks very good and will be a welcome addition to any home.
Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer, Highest Specification Reebok

Highest Specification Reebok.

The main feature for whish the Reebok iTrainer SE Cross Trainer has become known is the automatic electronic resistance system, this allows the cross trainer itself to adjust the resistance, the amount of effort you have to use on the pedals, so different exercise programmes can be used with the cross trainer controlling the course all but itself.

For example you can have stamina exercise programmes or fat burn exercise programmes or training programmes all of which have different exercise requirements, with the cross trainer itself adjusting the effort level required it's like having your own personal trainer on the cross trainer with you.

With a large stride of up to 16 inches for a maximum height of 6 feet everyone can use this elliptical cross trainer from the adults in the family to the children without the larger members of the family trying to squeeze their stride into a smaller space and the smaller members of the family being overstretched.

The foot plates are easy to adjust and not fixed in one immovable position like other makes if elliptical trainer, when the foot plates are fixed you get sore, tired and aching feet and legs very quickly, with a movable footplate you can set the angle for exactly your height and stride length making sure that everything's as comfortable as possible before you start cross training.

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