Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance.

Buy the Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance, the No Noise Rowing Machine with Long Life and Maintenance Free.

The Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine uses a magnetic system to provide the resistance to your rowing efforts, the magnetic system has few moving parts and so is much less likely to break down or need any maintenance or servicing, magnetic resistance is also very quiet so you can use your rowing machine early in the morning or in the middle of the night without disturbing neighbours or anyone else in the house.
Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance, No Noise Rowing Machine

No Noise Rowing Machine

The Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine is a folding rowing machine the whole rowing beam folds upwards making the rowing machine when folded about the same size as a Hoover and indeed many people will want to store them under the stairs out of the way when not in use.

The rowing machines aluminium beam is extremely lightweight making the Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine easy to carry and move about place to place, but the rowing machine in the boot of your car or on the back seat when you want to transport the rowing machine from one house to another.

The long rowing beam is incredibly smooth making for very low friction and a much easier rowing session with no jerky stops and starts like other rowing machines that use steel for their rowing machine beams.

There a smart looking training computer that has a calorie counter on it and will actually tell you how many calories you have lost through rowing, the counter counts up all the time your rowing and its great motivation to watch the calorie counter increase and know your losing calories and weight, ideal if you're losing weight under a calorie controlled diet and a real motivation to watch while you exercise.
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