NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike.

Buy the NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike the Smallest Exercise Bike and a Folding Exercise Bike.

If you travel or you're a student regularly moving between home and student accommodation or always in different towns each night with your job or just don't have much room at home then often you want to exercise but are unable, gyms are not close by and you don't want to waste money on membership anyway, well now there is an easy solution the NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike, this exercise bike folds up so small you can even check it in to the aircraft hold and take it with you on holiday.
NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike, Smallest Exercise Bike

Smallest Exercise Bike.

The NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike will easily fit into the boot of your car or the foot well of a car seat, you can even fold the exercise bike up and walk along with it, it's that light or take it on the bus with you, with this small, folding exercise bike there are so many places you can take the bike, take it to work and cycle at your desk, take it on the train with you, take your exercise bike round your friends hose for an exercise session together.

The NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike is a strong and sturdy folding exercise bike capable of supporting up to 18 stone in weight, on a comfortable ergonomically designed seat (which basically means it fits your bum).

The digital display is very modern looking, the whole bike has a dark grey and yellow stripe theme which looks very fashionable and very modern, everyone who sees this folding exercise bike loves it and wants one, it's become a best seller on its good looks alone.

For such a cheap price you get a fantastic exercise bike that includes pulse sensors to measure and display your heart rate on the included digital display which will also count the calories your burning too and there's no better way to keep motivated than to see the calories your burning count up as you exercise.
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