IronMan Foldable Weight Bench.

Buy the IronMan Foldable Weight Bench with Butterfly Bars, Leg Extensions and Leg Curls the Folding Weight Bench.

If you're looking for a weight bench for your home but don't have much room then get the IronMan Foldable Weight Bench as when not in use the weight bench folds up flat for easy storage, leave the folded weight bench standing where it is just folded so you have more room around your home or move the folded weight bench out of the way next to a wall.
IronMan Foldable Weight Bench, Butterfly Bars, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls

Butterfly Bars, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls

Use the butterfly bars to work your pectorals and delts, use the leg extensions to work your quadriceps (quads) and use the leg curl bar which is padded for added comfort and safety for your hamstrings.

The back rest of the weight bench is height adjustable from flat like a bed to upright and many angles in between, there's a weight rest bar which locks with the weights on the bar so you can safely leave your weights locked to the weight bench and not worry about them falling off or causing injury.

The seat and backrest are well padded for comfort and black in colour the leg extension and curl pars are padded with a black coloured safety foam roll for comfort and safety.

The metalwork is silver in colour and made from 1.5mm steel so you know it's built to last.

There's not many weight benches that are as versatile as this with butterfly bars, leg extensions and leg curls all cleverly built into the weight bench which itself folds goes to show what a clever design IronMan have manufactured.

With a one year warranty your be glad to know any problems and your get a free repair or replacement weight bench.

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