IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench.

Buy the IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench, Weight Bench with Dumbbells, Folding Bench.

If your looking for the complete package a sit-up bench that comes with it's own dumbbells and a dumbbell rack that's part of the sit-up bench then you should take a look at the IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench.
IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench, Weight Bench with Dumbbells

Weight Bench with Dumbbells

The sit-up bench is curved to provide a more comfortable training position, its been ergonomically designed to work with you back to increase the intensity and therefore benefit of each exercise, the curved bench forces your posture into the absolute correct position for exercise so you won't get sprains or aching muscles due to incorrect posture.

You get two 1.5kg dumbbells included with the sit-up bench free and at no extra charge, underneath the sit-up bench is a dumbbell rack for safely holding your dumbbells when your not training, in the rack the dumbbells won't fall out or get lose and separated from the bench.

This sit-up bench folds, it folds completely flat so you can store the sit-up bench under your bed, in a wardrobe or even behind a door, with this folding sit-up bench you don't need any space in your home for storage.

There's leg supports on the sit-up bench and these are thickly padded with smart looking black coloured foam padding, the leg bar and foot bar are completely adjustable using a large hand wheel, you don't need any special tools to adjust the height as the large hand wheel only needs to be turned hand tight.

There's a 12 month warranty on the IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench which means if you have any problems your get a free repair or replacement sit-up bench and delivery is free too which is just as well as this is a solid bench that with the dumbbells might cost a bit to send if you had to pay extra for delivery.
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