IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym.

Buy the IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym with Free Delivery, Easy Assembly with a Flat Pack Assembly Time of One Hour.

Delivered free of charge less than 24 hours after ordering the IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym is supplied as a flat pack, with very easy to assemble and follow instructions that are in colour.
IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym, Free Delivery, Easy Assembly

Free Delivery, Easy Assembly.

Assembly will take one hour and your only ever need to assemble the IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym once, there's a full 12 months warranty so if anything breaks your get a repair or free replacement.

Included with the multigym is 150lbs of weights (68kg), the multigym and the weights are delivered by courier to your home free of charge, so you won't have to pay any extra for a heavy multigym and heavy weights to be sent to you.

One of the features that makes the IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym unique is the dedicated leg press section which you just won't find on any other multigyms at any price yet alone such a cheap multigym as the IronMan Advanced series.

Uniquely your also get leg raise and leg dip bars, which again you just can't find on other multigyms at any price, also there's a full rowing machine included on the leg station, there's not many multigyms that include a rowing machine, saving you money and saving you space in your home you have everything from equipment to build muscle to equipment to keep fit and lose weight.

The IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym is easy to use as all pieces of exercise equipment are ready for use without having to fiddle about with cables and clips like you have to on some other makes of multigym, just sit or stand at your chosen station and begin exercising.
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