IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer.

IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer lets you Pedal Backwards Or Forwards and comes with a Water Bottle Included.

The IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer is a home exercise elliptical trainer that the whole family can use you can pedal forwards or backwards on the trainer depending on your preference and you get a free water bottle, free delivery by courier and one year warranty.
IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer, Pedal Backwards Or Forwards.

Pedal Backwards Or Forwards, Water Bottle Included.

Some people like to pedal forwards and some people like to pedal backwards it's a matter of preference and makes no difference to your exercise but not all elliptical trainers support pedalling backwards the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer does so it's an ideal choice for the family or anywhere where several people will be using the elliptical trainer because until you try elliptical training you won't know if you like to pedal forwards or backwards so its better to by an elliptical trainer like the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer which gives you the option.

Built into the elliptical trainer is a 7kg flywheel this flywheel spins round inside the elliptical trainers body and provides momentum making your elliptical trainer strokes up and down more fluid, more natural without any mechanical or jerky movements.

With a maximum user weight of 20 stone everyone can get fit and lose weight on the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer, what makes elliptical trainers better than treadmills is that on a treadmill you have a high impact exercise where your feet impact with the treadmill with every movement causing your joints and spine to over time suffer from impact injury but with an elliptical trainer your feet never leave the pedals so there is no impact and no associated impact problems elliptical trainers are a much safer way to exercise.

There's two sets of handlebars on the elliptical trainer that's so you can do a full body workout on the moving handlebars working your lower body and your upper body or use the fixed handlebars for just a lower body workout like a step machine.
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