Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill.

Buy the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill with Very Large Running Deck measuring 20 Inch Width, 55 Inch Length.

For the largest running deck of any treadmill get the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill, there are many advantages to using a large running deck including more room to move around so you won't feel wedged in or feelings of claustrophobia, on a large running track you can stand where you like and you're not limited to a small spot, for taller people of 6 ft tall or more a larger running track is needed as their stride is larger and a larger stride means if the running deck is too small the runners feet will hit the front of the treadmill as they run, you don't get these problems with the Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill.
Fuel Fitness FT94 Treadmill, Very Large Running Deck

Very Large Running Deck

Measuring 20 inches in width and 55 inches in length there's a lot of room there, great for all the family, children and the elderly prefer larger treadmills because there coordination skills are not as adept at running in a smaller area.

The large running deck is coupled to the Fuel Fitness suspension system called VCS cushioning where your knee joints, feet, ankles and legs are protected from severe impact due to running by having the running track float on a suspension system.

The electrical motor that powers this large treadmill has a lifetime warranty so if you even have any problems your get a free repair or replacement easily.

Speed and incline (hill) adjustment buttons are on the handlebars as well as on the control console, so you can adjust them in either place the idea being that whilst running your more likely to want to change speed or incline and with the handlebar mounted controls you can do this without having to take your hands away from the handlebars.

There's even a built in cup holder and a built in reading stand to hold your favourite book or magazine whilst you run.

At the bottom of the treadmill are 4 transport wheels which only come into contact with the floor when you fold the treadmill up, once folded the treadmill takes up far less space, with its own hydraulic folding system the treadmill will automatically fold and unfold ready for you to train.
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