Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill.

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Do you like to read while you're on your treadmill, maybe read a good book or magazine or even some coursework, well how about a treadmill that's actually designed with reading in mind, that will be the Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill with integrated reading rack to hold your books and magazines on top of the front console, there's a little shelf which will hold a novel or a magazine and the emergency stop buttons, speed, incline and programme adjustment buttons are not covered up by your book so you still have access to all the controls.
Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill, Built In Reading Rack for Books, Magazines

Built In Reading Rack for Books, Magazines

The speed and incline (hill) adjustment buttons are on the console and on the handlebars so you can speed and incline without moving your hands from the handlebars, there's pulse sensors in the handlebars too, whether they will be recording your heart rate from your exercise or your heart rate from reading the latest thriller I don't know, but your heart rate reading can be used to automatically adjust your exercise programme to go slower or faster depending on your condition as reported by your heart rate.

There are two cup holders either side of the front consol for your water bottle or if you're taking treadmill walking at a slow enough pace maybe even your cup of tea.

You can choose to run or walk on the flat or run or walk up a hill, the buttons to raise and lower the incline are right there on the handlebars.

There's an emergency stop cord you can attach round your writs so in the event that you do get carried away reading and fall off the treadmill will be brought to an immediate full stop.
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