Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer.

Buy the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer the Folding Cross Trainer with Space Saving Design.

Buying a cross trainer for home use means that you have to pay particular attention to the size of the crosstrainer and how it will fit into your home with the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer you have a design that folds up so its easy to store and doesn't take up much storage space in your home.
Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer, Folding Cross Trainer

Folding Cross Trainer.

Another unique feature of the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer is that it has articulated paddles, if you have ever used a crosstrainer before and afterwards found that you had sore aching feet, ankles, knees or legs then changes are it was because of your fixed paddles, you see fixed paddles or footplates don't allow the foot and leg to more in a natural way in response to the crosstrainer moving, this forced position can lead to sprains and in worst cases ligament damage, with the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer and the articulated pedals your feet, knees, legs and thighs will always be in the safest position and in a position that offers the optimum workout.

Built-in speakers on the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer mean that you can simply plug a iPod or other MP3 player into the 3.5mm jack plug and listen to your music as you exercise, its ideal for people who are always getting their headphones tangled up or if the headphones keep falling out of your ears as you crosstrain.

With an industrial weighted 11kg flywheel your have a very steady and fluid crosstrain as the flywheel provides the momentum which means there's no jerky movements or difficult to start or rise up on the pedals.

The Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer has user programmable exercise routines so if you want more than the manual, cardio, fat burn, hill climb exercise programmes that are supplied you can make your own using the digital console display, if you have a favourite music track playing you can even create a exercise programme to match the tempo of the music.
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