Cintura Omega Exercise Bike.

Buy the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike the UK's Cheapest Exercise Bike, Quality Without the Price Tag.

If you're looking for the cheapest exercise bike congratulations you have just found it, but not only is it the cheapest exercise bike it's also a really good exercise bike that's built to last and has some great features like a sturdy all metal construction with a maximum user weight of 16 stone, so the whole family can use the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike and your feel safe and secure on an exercise bike that won't wobble or give you cause for concern that its not strong enough, after all with a 16 stone maximum capacity you know its high quality.
Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, The UK's Cheapest Exercise Bike

The UK's Cheapest Exercise Bike.

There's a large and comfortable seat that's got real padding and your actually enjoy sitting on the exercise bike, it's a great exercise bike for cycling while you watch TV too and with the silent magnetic drive system you can cycle and not disturb everyone else's TV watching as its whisper quiet, magnetic resistance systems also have few moving parts so there's much less to go wrong than other makes of exercise bike.

There's an easy to use digital display that shows you how far you have cycles and how long it's taken you, it's ideal for keeping an eye on the time and judging when it's time to stop exercising, next time you exercise you can try to do just that little bit longer as you get fitter.

Right in front of you at hand height is the resistance adjustment, simply turn the knob to the left to make it easier to cycle and to the right to make it harder to cycle, for losing weight or toning up your legs, turn the knob to the right for a little resistance and for just a fun cycle turn the knob to the left.
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