Buy SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike.

Buy SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike the Rehabilitation Exercise Cycle to Improve Your Fitness Level.

If you have been told to start your rehabilitation and get some gentle exercise or your overweight and need to start losing weight then buy the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike, this medical style exercise bike will guide you through the process with an easy to use intuitive computer display that will show you your heart rate and pulse which is automatically monitored through pulse sensors in the handlebars and then the heart rate is calculated from the pulse and displayed on the screen in much the same way as your doctor or nurse would calculate your heart rate by taking your pulse.
Buy SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike, Rehabilitation Exercise Cycle.

Rehabilitation Exercise Cycle.

No need to wear heart rate monitors or chest straps of sensors on your fingers, easily and conveniently the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike monitors your heart rate and pulse through sensors built into the handlebars that you rest your hands on whilst holding the handlebars.

As well as heart rate and pulse the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike will show you the calories you have burned, if you want to lose weight and are calorie counting how many calories you eat each day then you know that you need to burn off the calories you have eaten in order to start to lose weight, with the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike you can easily see how many calories you are burning so you know how much more exercise you need to do that day.

If you find the digital display is too high or too low for you, your be pleased to hear that it's easy to move the digital display is mounted on a bendy collar just drag, push and pull the digital display until it's in the correct position for your viewing.

With free next day delivery and a heavily discounted price you can by the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike today and be exercising tomorrow.
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