Buy BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer.

Buy BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer the High Quality Wood Frame Pilates Trainer that's Commercial Quality.

Want to buy a Pilates reformer to help your Pilates exercise achieve the next level then buy the BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer it's a commercial quality all wood frame Pilates reformer that is built to last and built to offer unparalleled Pilates exercise, the solid wood frame means no bending, no vibration and no noise and the solid steel construction metal runners ensure the seat and carriage move with very low resistance.
Buy BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer, High Quality Wood Frame Pilates Trainer.

High Quality Wood Frame Pilates Trainer.

You also get a free fully adjustable jump board included and the seat carriage is driven by eight independent wheels for ultra low noise and ultra low friction movement, the seat is made from a PU leather cover with high density safety foam that moulds to your shape and provides unparalleled levels of safety and stability.

The foot bar can be adjusted to any of five different positions and not tools are needed for adjustment simply unscrew the hand knob and move the height adjuster up or down, the refasten the hand knob to hand tight, it's quick and easy to make adjustments and you can make size adjustments whilst you are using the Pilates reformer.

The hand and foot loops are also fully adjustable without tools and the rope and pulley height can also be adjusted without tools, simple set the rope height so it dopes not interfere with your use of the Pilates reformer.

Not only is this the best professional Pilates reformer for your home it also looks superb with oak coloured hardwood and really thick and solid woods making up the design, the bolts are all shiny silver in colour and the seat rails are black in colour and solid steel in design.

Buy the Pilates reformer today and your get free next day delivery, so you can be using the BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer plus your get one years free warranty and a super low price that has been heavily discounted.
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