Buy BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill.

Buy BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill the Rehabilitation Treadmill for Exercise or to Improve Your Walking.

Have you been told you need to start your rehabilitation and get yourself walking but don't feel safe walking on the streets, maybe you're worried about getting into difficulty while your out walking the roads or maybe your worried about the potential embarrassment of name calling, the BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill is designed for anyone who needs to increase their walking or start an exercise regime, maybe your overweight and want to lose weight in the comfort of your own home without getting cold, wet or abused out on the roads or maybe you just want to rehabilitate slowly at your own pace, this walking treadmill is for you.
Buy BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill, Rehabilitation Treadmill.

Rehabilitation Treadmill.

With a powerful 200 watt motor that can support anyone with a maximum body weight of 16 stone and drive the conveyor belt on the treadmill at a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour which is a very fast walking pace, but don't worry you can control the speed of the walking treadmill through a resistance control knob which varies how hard the going is from easy to hard to walk, turn the resistance control knob to a setting that's suitable for your level of fitness and level of recovery.

With a walking area that's over half a meter wide there's plenty of room to move around and you won't feel boxed in, should you need to stop in a hurry then simply press or bang the red rubber stopper on the top of the treadmill, this immediately stops the treadmill and is very useful for those unsure or unsteady when using a walking treadmill.

Made from solid steel construction and supplied with free next day delivery and a one year warranty so if you have any difficulties you can get a free replacement or repair, plus there's an assistance phone line if you have any troubles.
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