Buy Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike.

Buy Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike the Modern Home Racing Cycle for Indoor Exercise.

For a modern home racing bike that is static and does not have any wheels, but is for you to exercise on at home in the comfort of your own home, not for riding on down the streets then look at the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike.
Buy Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike, Modern Home Racing Cycle.

Modern Home Racing Cycle.

This is a modern, well designed static racing bike with some great features and stylish looks with it's orange colouring and white stripes it looks as fast as it is, the large 13kg flywheel is in the place of a front wheel, this flywheel spins round to provide great momentum whilst your cycling and makes the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike feel as if it's a real road racing bike, you have immense stability coupled with the fluid motion that only a flywheel and chain driven pedals can offer.

There's an easy to use exercise computer with large digital display mounted in the middle of the handlebars which gives you as great view of your stats as your racing, even when your in racing position and going fast and the unique oval shape of the exercise computer means it's never in the way of your hands or elbows.

The handlebars have multiple [positions for your hands from hunched racing position to more casual cycling and the handlebars even feature elbow pads that stop your elbows rubbing on the handlebars, cushioning your elbows and protecting, a clever feature which comes from the years BodyTrain has been developing exercise bikes.

On the cross bar of the bike is a tension control, increase or reduce the tension to make it easier or more difficult to pedal, the tension control is a big knob which is easily turned with your hand and can be adjusted even when your sat on the bike racing.
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