Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate.

Buy the Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate the UK's Largest Home Vibration Plate with Full Body Massage.

Looking for a large vibration plate, one that you can actually stand on rather than a tiny piece of plastic that other manufacturers are selling then buy this high quality vibration plate the Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate.
Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate, UK's Largest Home Vibration Plate

UK's Largest Home Vibration Plate

As well as vibration exercise you can use the vibration machine as a massage machine and it's one of the only massage machines able to offer a full body massage using the vibrations which you have complete control over from small tingly vibrations to massive muscle moving vibrations the choice is yours.

This is a very well built, very solid vibration plate that will give vibration exercise and vibration massage to your whole body, had a hard day at work then let the vibration massage gently or not so gently (you choose the power), massage your feet and legs.

With a powerful 2000 watt electric motor providing the vibrations you can choose between 70 speed levels, that's a lot of choice there so if you like gentle vibration exercise or vibration massage you can select a low speed and if you like hard workouts and hard massages you can select a fast speed.

There's a built in fat scan, so each week as you use the vibration machine to exercise and lose weight you can monitor your progress by measuring your fat levels and seeing them fall week after week, there's no better form of motivation to keep using the vibration plate that seeing your fat levels reduce.

Use the control panel to choose between automatic massage, manual massage or calculate your body fat using the BMI Body Mass Index method.

You can do all your favourite exercises on the vibration plate, vibration plates are up to 3 times more effective then exercising alone, so if you did your exercises on the floor for every 3 exercises you have to do on the floor you need only do 1 exercise on the vibration plate as it has a times three multiplication factor so you can either just exercise less on the vibration plate and get the same exercise as on the floor or exercise more and get three times as much benefit from the exercise.
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