Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate.

Buy the Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate this Powerful Plate and Massage Machine has Auto, Manual Exercise Programmes.

Fancy a full body massage from a machine that can give you a massage anytime day or night and at any pressure you like from a soft and gently massage to a forceful muscle moving massage and fancy a vibration plate that can be 3 times more effective at exercise than exercising alone then get the Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate.
Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate, Powerful Plate and Massage Machine

Powerful Plate and Massage Machine

This vibration plate has a powerful 1500 watt electric motor which creates 50 different vibration speeds from light tickles to massive vibrations, use these vibrations to perform exercises on the vibration plate like stretching, bending, squatting down and standing up, leg raising and push ups, any exercise you like to do on the floor will be 3 times more potent on a vibration plate so if you normally do 30 exercises on the floor you only have to do 10 exercises on the vibration plate, or of course you can use the fact that vibration plates are more effective than floor exercise to do more exercises on the vibration plate.

There's a timer too so if you like a massage or a vibration exercise and want to just read a book or a magazine propping the book up on the console you can set the timer so if you forget about the time, which is easy to do when the exercise routine is much less effort or the massage is very good.

Choose between automatic exercise modes, manual exercise modes and automatic or manual massage modes, on manual you can vary the speed and intensity of the vibrations so they are right for you.

There's even a BMI fat indicator built in which measures fast using the Body Mass Index scale, use this to see how much fat your losing each week as you exercise and massage yourself to perfection.
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