BodyTrain XE08 Bench Gym.

Buy the BodyTrain XE08 Bench Gym With 100kg Free Weights, this Two Part Bench Gym with Rowing Machine Built In includes Chest Press, Butterfly Press, Pulldown Bar, Leg Curls and Arm Curls.

Buy the bench gym that has every type of fitness machine included so you really do have a multigym and can do almost any exercise in your own home, that's exactly what you get with the BodyTrain XE08 Bench Gym which is supplied with 100kg of free weights, this is a two part bench gym, on the one part, the frame side you have a pulldown bar, bench press and chest press and on the other part the bench side, you have a removable bench which gives access to a full spec rowing machine.
BodyTrain XE08 Bench Gym, Two Part Bench Gym with Rowing Machine Built In

Two Part Bench Gym with Rowing Machine Built In

The rowing machine is a proper rowing machine with comfortable hand bar grip and rowing cord, it is not one of those horrible chain rowing machines that multigym manufacturers like to call a rowing machine, pulling on a bit of chain does not make the multigym a rowing machine, it makes it a mutigym with a piece of chain!

The rowing machine has a proper foot plate for pressing down hard whilst your rowing, you will be able to do some serious rowing here as well have access to a full bench gym.

You get a pulldown bar which is located above the bench press seat so you have a nice seat to sit down on whilst you use the pulldown bar, it's an adjustable seat too with any position from straight upright to lying down flat, it actually looks so comfortable it would probably make a pretty nice bed!

As well as a pulldown bar for lateral forward pulldowns and lateral rear pulldowns there's a chest press too, now lots of multigyms only provide for a butterfly press that's because it takes a clever design to make a butterfly press turn into a straight chest press and that's exactly what you have on the BodyTrain XE08 Bench Gym a clever design that works as both a chest press and a butterfly press, all at the flick of a switch.
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