BodyTrain Track Speed 5000 Treadmill.

Buy the BodyTrain Track Speed 5000 Treadmill, Top of The Range with Advanced Computer.

If your looking for the best treadmill you have found it the BodyTrain Track Speed 5000 Treadmill has the best of everything with a top running speed of 14 miles per hour from the powered treadmill belt, if you like running or walking up hills your well catered for as the BodyTrain Track Speed 5000 Treadmill has a maximum incline of 20%, so for every one step forward the height increases by 4 steps, of course that's the maximum incline (hill) that this powerful treadmill will do, you can of course set a much smaller hill to walk or run up.
BodyTrain Track Speed 5000 Treadmill, Top of The Range

Top of The Range

The BodyTrain Track Speed 5000 Treadmill is a semi-commercial treadmill that means its being used in light commercial environments like small gyms, leisure centres, schools, universities, office gyms and in private homes, with such a strong pedigree you know its going to last for many years and indeed comes with a one year warranty that will see the treadmill get repaired or replaced should any fault arise.

There's a massive 36 exercise programmes on this treadmill plus manual, push and run modes where you can just set speed and incline whilst you run, or use one of the 36 programmes to burn fat, get fit, run up hills, do cardio-vascular work, lower your BMI, do heart rate controlled running or walking, trim things and many more built in exercise programmes.

There's 3 user definable exercise programmes so you can make up your own exercise programme with for example a bit of straight running, a bit of a hill, some walking, some jogging, increased effort level, sprint and cardio-vascular, a user defined exercise programme will be saved and remembered by the treadmill for the next time you want to use your very own exercise programme.
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