BodyTrain Track Speed 3200i Treadmill.

Buy the BodyTrain Track Speed 3200i Treadmill with Separate Displays for Speed, Time, Distance, Heart Rate, Calories, Mid Range Treadmill.

Looking for a large treadmill with a large running deck then buy the BodyTrain Track Speed 3200i Treadmill which has a running deck of 16 inches width by 50 inches length and a built-in shock absorbing system that protect your knee joints, legs, calf's, feet and ankles from shock related injury as your foot pushes on the running deck and jars your joints, this jarring is substantially reduced with a 6 point running deck suspension system that will cushion your joints, the suspension system is basically 6 shock absorbers under the running track.
BodyTrain Track Speed 3200i Treadmill, Seperate Displays for Speed, Time, Distance, Heart Rate, Calories

Seperate Displays for Speed, Time, Distance, Heart Rate, Calories

One of the best selling features on the BodyTrain Track Speed 3200i Treadmill is the 6 separate digital displays which let you see all your running stats as you run in real-time without silly scanning modes making you wait for your statistic to come round again, you can view speed, time, distance, heart rate and calories.

This high spec treadmill has 48 exercise programmes to choose from like lose weight, cardio vascular, heart rate control, uphill running, endurance, walking, marathon and more, on the handlebars are pulse sensors which read your pulse and display your pulse as a heart rate measured in beats per minute (bpm), this heart rate reading can then be used to control the treadmill varying the speed and effort levels to work you hard but not over do things, it's like having your own personal trainer standing next to you whilst you run or walk.

With a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour (mph) and a powerful 3HP electric motor to power the treadmill you can have a demanding run whatever your weight and size.

The Track Speed 3200i treadmill has forty eight exercise programmes these are like forty eight separate running courses or running tracks each track is different some have hills some are flat some have a mixture of the two and some are fast whilst others are more sedate and just for fun all these running tracks have a specific goal which might be losing weight or shaping muscles or toning or increasing cardiovascular activity or just for fun.

Select an exercise programme that you would like to try and then the programme will run raising or lowering the incline (hill) of the treadmill and increasing and lowering the speed of the running track when the exercise programme starts your be able to enter the maximum speed and maximum incline that you would like the programme top use so that the exercise programme will be tailored to your ability and as the programme is running you can use the manual control buttons for incline and speed which are located on the control panel in front of you to adjust speed and incline whilst the exercise programme is running making the exercised programme faster or slower.

As well as using exercise programmes which automatically adjust things even though you can override them with the manual control buttons some people prefer manual control systems and for that the rack Speed 3200i treadmill lets you press the start button and then select your own speed and incline to make your own exercise programme, whether you use the manual options or the exercise programmes the choice is yours and that's why this is a great treadmill for the family where all different abilities and interests are catered for.

The automatic inline feature raises and lowers the treadmill deck upwards or downwards automatically under motor control, the deck raises and lowers slowly and you can carry on running or walking whilst the deck moves, your find the deck moves automatically when you select some of the exercise programmes and you can adjust the deck automatically with the incline increase and incline decrease buttons.
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