BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike with Large Seat Fits All Bottoms and Pulse Reading Via Handlebar Sensor.

Looking for a exercise bike with a large comfortable seat then take a look at the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike it has a large padded seat that's excellent for cycling whilst your watching TV as you won't get a sore bottom no matter how long you cycle for and with pulse rate sensors on the handlebars you can see how hard your working easily.
BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike, Large Seat Fits All Bottoms.

Large Seat Fits All Bottoms, Pulse Reading Via Handlebar Sensor.

Sixteen exercise programmes are built into the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike these are like different racing courses with different road types some are fast some are slow and some are more demanding than others these racing courses have different goals such as keep fit, lose weight, increase cardiovascular activity, build muscles, tone muscle as well as just cycling for fun and general good health.

The exercise programmes work by automatically adjusting the tension control, that's how hard it is to pedal, increase the tension and its harder to pedal reduce the tension and its easier to pedal as well as automatic adjustment which is used to vary the cycling course creating harder exercise programmes or easier or a mix you can also adjust the tension manually by a tension increase and decrease button on the control panel which is situated between the handlebars.

The handlebars are multi position handlebars so you can hold them as a conventional bicycle horizontally or lie a racing bike vertically or at an angle for when you're standing up on the pedals.

Built into the body of the exercise bike is a 7kg flywheel this continually spins inside the exercise bike you can think of it as a wheel and provides momentum and a more natural feel to your cycling so staring is easier and maintaining speed is easier.
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