BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Buy the BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike which Remembers Your Settings with 4 Different User Programmes.

If you want to buy an exercise bike that you don't have to setup all the time, entering your weight for the calorie calculations, your age for the heart rate measurement, your programme choice for the type of cycle program you want lose weight, fat burn, build muscle etc and your effort levels for the various points of the course, by the time you have done all this you will have lost interest in cycling, buy the BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike and up to 4 different users can save their settings for instant recall every time they want to exercise.
BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Remembers Your Settings

Remembers Your Settings.

The BodyTrain IS650 Exercise Bike is a best in class bike with lots of great features like magnetic resistance for near silent cycling, if you like to cycle at home maybe in the early hours of the morning or late at night when other members of the family are still asleep then they will appreciate the silent magnetic resistance and your appreciate the lower repair bills as magnetic resistance has few moving parts so there's nothing to wear out.

The large comfortable saddle is fully adjustable not only up and down for leg height but inwards and outwards for arm length so you can position yourself in just the right position for the most effective and comfortable cycling, ideal for people with smaller arms as no longer will you have to struggle being too far away from the handlebars.

Theres pulse sensors on both handlebars, simply hold the handlebars as you cycle and your pulse will be automatically read from the palm of your hands, this pulse information is then displayed on the training computer as your heart rate, the exercise programmes on the BodyTrain IS650 Exercise Bike can be automatically controlled by your heart rate adjusting themselves to your current fitness level, if your heart is too fast the exercise will slow down and if your heart is too slow the exercise and effort level will speed up.
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