Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine.

Buy the Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors on Handlebars and Large Seat with Large Pedals.

Ever wondered what your heart rate was when you are rowing, are you pushing yourself too hard and is your heart rate too high or are you taking it a bit too easy and could be working harder, with the Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine you can find out as on the rowing handlebars are two pulse sensors, when you grip the handlebar your palms are touching the pulse sensors which measure your pulse and convert that to a heart rate reading in BPM (Beats Per Minute), the handlebars have their own built in LCD screen so your easily be able to see what your current heart rate is and check more accurately on your progress.
Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine, Pulse Sensor on Handlebars

Pulse Sensor on Handlebars

The Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine features an oversize seat too, so if you're always feeling squashed on other rowing machines and want a bit more room consider this rowing machine as your have plenty of space around you, the rowing pedals are oversize too so there's plenty of room for even the largest feet (up to adult size 14), of course if you have smaller feet then you're just welcome all that extra room you have to place your feet exactly where you want them.

With a large rowing beam your be able to use this rowing machine even if you have very long arms as your be able to position yourself far back towards the end of the beam, other rowing machines are quite short and your feel cramped not being able to row a full stroke, ideal for rowers with long or short legs and arms.

The digital display will count your strokes (how many times you have rowed) and the time you have taken as well as the calories you have consumed whilst rowing, handy if you want to watch the calories fly off and great as part of a calorie controlled diet.
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