Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer with Large Handlebars and Automatic Resistance Adjustment.

With large handlebars with lots of different hand hold positions and automatic resistance adjustment directly from the touch screen display the Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer has a lot of great features and with both calorie and pulse monitoring the Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer can help you lose weight, stay healthy and shape and tone.
Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer, Large Handlebars.

Large Handlebars, Automatic Resistance Adjustment.

The Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer (E-Strider BE6760G Elliptical trainer) has dual handlebars so you can use the trainer to exercise your lower body or your whole body, the static handlebars exercise your lower body and work like a step machine moving your legs up and down to shape and tone your thighs, calves, tummy muscles and bottom whilst the moving handlebars provide a full body workout by incorporating the lower body step workout and also moving your shoulders and arms as you hold the moving handlebars.

Not all elliptical cross trainers have automatic resistance where you just have to press a button to make it harder or easier to move the pedals round where making it harder to move the pedals will mean your exercising harder and will achieve your exercise goals quicker your be pushed harder and you should not select a resistance level to high where your unable to finish your exercise routine as your get disheartened and not want to exercise any more far better to lower the resistance level a little and successfully complete your exercise routine which will give you the motivation to continue to exercise.

The Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer does have automatic resistance so all you need do is press a button to lower or increase the resistance and if you use the built in exercise programmes they will automatically adjust the resistance levels for you.
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