Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike with Large Touch Screen, Calorie and Body Fat Measurement.

The Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike is a modern exercise bike with a large touch screen mounted between the handlebars and calorie and body fat measurement sensors built in.
Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike, Large Touch Screen.

Large Touch Screen, Calorie, Body Fat Measurement.

Hold the handlebars and your body fat measured in BMI Body Mass Index will be measured and displayed on screen you can measure your body fat to see any improvements made from your cycling and use the calorie counter to see exactly how many calories your burning every time you use the exercise bike.

The seat is padded and comfortable and adjusts both for height up and down and reach forward and backward so you can bring the seat closer or further away from the handlebars, if your pregnant or overweight your want to give yourself more room and not bring the seat so close to the handlebars, not all makes of exercise bike allow extra room but the Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike does.

The braking and resistance system used on the Body Sculpture BC6760 Exercise Bike is electronic magnetic braking this is a very quiet resistance system so the exercise bike makes practically no noise and is ideal for use in front of the television with the rest of the family, you can cycle away getting fit and watching TV with the family and there won't be any noise from the exercise bike to disturb the family.

Being so quiet you can even cycle and get your figure back after giving birth as the quiet exercise bike won't wake baby so its ideal to use the Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike whilst baby is sleeping, indeed this exercise bike makes a great present for anyone looking to get back in shape after having given birth and with heart rate monitoring via pulse sensors in the handlebars its safe too.
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