Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike.

Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike the High Quality Exercise Bike For Beginners and Experts.

The Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike is a high quality exercise bike that will suit both beginners and experts alike as its designed to be just like exercise bikes used in the gym and is of the same high quality and can even be programmed for four individual users.
Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike, High Quality Exercise Bike.

High Quality Exercise Bike, For Beginners and Experts.

Four users can store their settings and preferences like weight, age, custom designed exercise programmes and pulse rates in the exercise bike computer for recall when they start exercising again so its the perfect choice for families who want to share an exercise bike as every member of the family can treat the exercise bike like their own storing their individual settings.

The exercise bike is beautiful and well designed its not big and clunky like older models and looks streamlined and modern this exercise bike is also known as the Smart Bike BC7100G or the Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike both are the very same exercise bike and both are proving very popular.

There's twelve exercise programmes built into the bike these are designed by exercise and medical professionals to help you achieve a range of goals from losing weight to shaping and toning your muscles with an exercise bike you can lose weight and get your thrity minutes a day of moderate exercise that the doctors recommend as well as shaping and toning you buttocks, calves, thighs, ankles, hips and tummy muscles.

Built into the front console is the exercise computer and digital display and also stereo speakers so you can plug in your MP3 player or other gadget and have music coming out of the exercise bikes own speakers.

If you don't like wearing headphones because they always fall out or you get tangled up in the wire then use the built in speakers and you won't have to wear headphones or earphones anymore and no more sweaty headphones either.
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