Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Exercise Bike.

Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Exercise Bike the Mid Range Exercise Bike with Many Features.

The Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Exercise Bike is a mid range exercise bike with a good range of features at a medium price point your find the Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Exercise Bike does everything you need for a home exercise bike such as heart rate measurement through pulse sensors, body fat measurement through resistance sensors and twelve exercise programmes plus a large double back light display and free delivery.
Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Exercise Bike, Mid Range Exercise Bike.

Mid Range Exercise Bike, Many Features.

The saddle is large and has plenty of foam to make even the longest of exercise sessions comfortable so you can put the exercise bike in front of the television and watch TV whilst you cycle and you won't get tired sitting on the foam padded seat and with an electronic magnetic braking and resistance system the exercise bike won't make any noise so you won't be disturbed whilst your watching TV and neither will the rest of the family too.

With heart rate control you can specify the maximum heart rate that you don't want the exercise bike programme to push you past and then the exercise bike will monitor your heart rate (via the handle grip pulse sensors) and not push you harder then you have specified its the perfect way to get fit, lose weight as well as shape and tone in a natural way that won't endanger your health because the Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Exercise Bike will be monitoring your health for you.

With pulse rate sensors, body fat sensors and calories counters you have all the measurements you need to monitor your progress and watch yourself get fitter.

When you have finished exercising at home your want to be able to move the exercise bike out of the way and that's where the wheels on the bottom of the exercise bike come into play simply tilt the exercise bike at one end and transport wheels will touch the floor so you can easily push the exercise bike into a corner of the room or another room for storage when not ion use.
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