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Buy Fitness Machines from a UK supplier and get free delivery and a years guarantee on everything you buy, items like Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines, Elliptical Trainers, Trampolines, Vibration Plates are all for sale at the very lowest prices and many with 25% and 50% savings.

Fitness Machines come in all shapes and sizes from a trampoline in the garden for you and the children to play on or get fit on to Weight Benches for serious body building and Vibration Plates for home weight loss and muscle tone, your find all the fitness machines here are for use at home and are delivered free of charge.
Fitness Machines

Fitness Machines with Free Delivery.

Fitness Machines like vibration plates the BodyTrain 1500W Silver Vibration Plate can give you a full body massage as well as vibration exercises to help you gain muscle, strength and tone and with the powerful motor there's 50 different speed levels to give you the best vibration exercises and full body massages, you get free delivery too.

How about the BodyTrain 1500W Black Vibration Plate, this vibration machine is not the regulation silver colour that everyone else is making, it's an elegant black colour and has 3 different exercise programmes to keep you trim and toned as well as a continuous vibration mode that's rated at 1000 watts, you can also use this vibration plate to massage your feet and legs, simply stand on the vibration plate and the soles of your feet will receive a lovely vibrating massage.

If you want more power then buy the BodyTrain 2000W Silver Vibration Plate with 2000 watts of power to give you massive vibrations and powerful sports massages with an incredible 70 different exercise programmes you're going to have no trouble finding an exercise programme of interest, whether that's losing weight or toning muscle for great definition on your legs and arms or getting a full body massage without ever having to pay massage spa prices ever again.

Or try the BodyTrain 2000W Black Vibration Plate which has a brand new design and a 1500 watt continuous operation vibration system, if that's not the world's most powerful massage machine and vibration plate then we don't know what is, this is a stand on vibration plate that's actually strong and built to last, you will feel safe and secure and not worried about falling off when you use this powerful vibration plate.

Looking for a smart exercise bike like the Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Bike, with is beautiful white colour with yellow highlights will all the latest features and high specifications like a large touch screen so no more folding with up and down buttons and 22 different exercise programmes for you to follow as well as programmable modes so you can make your own exercise programme yourself and have the exercise bike remember that programme for the next time you use it.

Reebok make a fantastic range of exercise bikes like the Reebok iBike whish is part of the iSeries range, it has magnetic resistance which means it's a super quiet exercise bike and compact too and with a 7kg flywheel the cycling is really smooth, the smoothest your get to actually road cycling and the perfect answer for people looking for a very realistic exercise bike, as you would expect from Reebok the exercise bike is fully programmable so you can make your own cycling course up or use the exercise programmes supplied.

How about an exercise bike that actually monitors your heart rate as you cycle and can adjust its own exercise programmes to take account of your changing heart rate, then you need the Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike which measures your pulse by two sensors in the handlebars and relays this information to the display computer which displays your heart rate and auto adjusts your exercise programmes making the program easier or harder depending on your current hear rate, so you're always cycling at maximum performance, a great way to lose weight or improve your times.

If you're looking for a bestselling exercise bike then you want the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance, not only is this a very beautiful exercise bike in white and grey with an advanced 6 function computer and sturdy, strong and well made frame it's also one of the cheapest exercise bikes available, costing less than one hundred pounds it's an absolute bargain, whilst you might be amazed to know there are cheaper exercise bikes available, if when you sit on them, you can feel the frame bending, your know that there's a point when all fitness machines just get too cheap.

Fitness Machines are not all about the home and keeping fit indoors, although when it's raining that's the best place to be when you want to exercise, but for getting out into the garden you can't beat the AirKing Oval 15 x 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, this is a very large trampoline that is great for children's parties, large families or just anyone wanting lots of space to jump around, trampolines are great for the children who always have a good time, but there great for adults too as trampolining is one of the best forms of cardio vascular exercise as your using two large muscle groups when you bounce around, your arms and your legs.

If you have seen the Olympics on the television and watched the trampolining you will have seen that all the trampolines at the Olympics are rectangle, but most of the garden trampolines are round, ever wondered why, that's because round trampolines are cheaper whilst the professional trampolines that have a much better bounce that the round trampolines are used by the professionals, no you too can have a professional rectangle trampoline outdoors in your own garden when you buy the AirKing Rectangular 8 x 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

If you and the family all plan to have a go on the trampoline then you better buy a strong trampoline that can take your weight the AirKing Pro 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure can support a trampoline user of up to 24 stone in weight, so you can see this is a strong well made trampoline for use by you and the whole family, delivery is free too so you don't have to pay for a large trampoline to be delivered to you.

For those of you that want a trampoline with good bounce like a rectangle trampoline but also want the cheaper price of a round trampoline then you can buy the AirKing Octagonal 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, here a rectangular trampoline and a round trampoline have been combined into an oval trampoline with good bouncing and a cheap price and another major benefit is that octagonal trampolines give you more room in your garden as they are the same shape as most gardens, long and slightly narrow.

You might be worried that a trampoline on your lawn can ruin your lawn with the trampoline legs digging into your lawn and killing off the grass underneath with the AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, you have a trampoline that uses large folded legs that sit on top of the grass and don't dig in ruining your lawn, best of all these large legs slide easily or grass and even concrete so you can slide the trampoline around on your lawn without the trampoline legs digging into your lawn, so you can move the trampoline around the garden so you can mow the lawn or let the grass under the trampoline recover. Get fit and look beautiful.
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